Beetroot Risotto with watercress

Beetroot Risotto with Watercress

Aaaah, beetroot. It’s one of those vegetables I love to work with it just because of its color. That beautiful deep red with hinges of purple. It will make any dish look just flavourful. Add in some crunchy walnuts, sharp peppery watercress, and some fresh goat cheese, and you’ll try to make this dish over and over again.

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| Ingredients

Olive oil – For the toasting of the rice, the tostatura, we use olive oil. You can also use butter instead of olive oil. The toasting adds depth to the flavor of the risotto.

Onion – But before we add the rice, we first give the oil a bit of aroma. This part is called sofrito. We use onion for this recipe, but other ingredients you can use are spring onion or shallots. I even have a recipe where I use ginger. It depends on the main ingredient.

Beetroot – Betacyamin. This is the name of the antioxidant that gives beets their lively color. Also, it’s filled with nitrates, which is very good for your blood pressure (for all you active people out there)

But besides the color, beetroot makes a tasteful risotto because of its earthy sweet taste. It couples well with bright, fresh colors, because of this you’ll find a lot of salad recipes which include beetroot. So your risotto will not just be an eye-candy

Beetroot Risotto with Watercress

Watercress – As a counterpart to the red beets, we add vibrantly green watercress. It has a peppery, but funny enough also cooling, taste. Just what beetroot needs. If you can’t get your hands on them, don’t worry. Arugula is a good substitute.

Wine – To add another layer of flavor, wine is used. Just a “shot” of good white wine. It’s not supposed to boil the rice. The water and alcohol should evaporate immediately.

Goat cheese &  Butter – When the risotto is almost done, we make it extra creamy by adding butter and goat cheese. Italians call this the Mantecaturea. With most risotto’s, parmesan is used. With this one, we use goat cheese, but fresh feta is also a good substitute.  


Beetroot Risotto with Watercress

Frying pan – A small frying pan to roast the pine nuts till they have a nice brown sear

Saute pan – A wide heavy-bottomed saute pan. Wide, so the broth or stock can evaporate more quickly. And the rice will cook more evenly.

Stock pan – Filled with stock to add to the risotto

Food processor – For the Mantecatura; we want a creamy, smooth mix of soymilk and butternut squash

Cutting board  kitchen knife

Beetroot Risotto with Watercress

An earthy beetroot risotto with peppery watercress and crunchy walnuts
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Total Time25 mins
Course: Dinner
Keyword: Beetroot, Carnaroli, Goat Cheese, Vegetarian, Watercress
Servings: 4
Calories: 550kcal


  • 1 Tablespoon Olive oil
  • 2 Handful of Watercress
  • ½ Cup or 60 Grams Walnut Crumbled
  • 10 Ounces or 300 Grams Beetroot Cooked, peeled, and cut into dices
  • 1½ Ounces or 40 Grams Goat cheese Crumbled
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter Flakes
  • ½ Cup or 100 ml White wine
  • 1½ Cups or 320 Grams Carnaroli rice
  • 6 Cups or 1,5 Liter Vegetable stock


  • Heat the stock until simmering.
  • Heat a saute pan or large wide pot over low. Add oliveoil and onion. Stir, till softened and fragrant (3 minutes).
  • Add carnaroli and toast it, while stirring, for aminute. Then add the beets.
  • Now add the wine and let it evaporate. When all the wine is evaporated/absorbed, add a big ladle of stock. Stir the rice frequently. When almost all of the stock is absorbed, add a new ladle of stock and repeat this process until the rice is al dente (15-19 minutes)
  • When the rice has the consistency you want, turn theheat off and add butter and goat cheese. And let ir rest for a minute.
  • Then stir in the watercress and spoon into plates.Sprinkle with walnuts
Beetroot Risotto with Watercress

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