Since the first moment I tasted risotto I fell in love with the “concept”. You can be as creative as you can which results in all these different recipes, but also the way how it’s cooked and how you can improve it.

On one hand, it comes down to perfect technique and improves basic ingredients, and on the other hand the creativity in recipes to make one is endless. It literally made me an addict. It made me want to search for the perfect risotto, if there is one, and here you can follow my journey.


A lot of people think it’s not easy to make a risotto. My parents didn’t think it was difficult, they didn’t even know about the dish. Growing up, we never went to restaurants and if we went to a nice place for a celebration or something, I definitely wouldn’t order something I did not know. Why screw up a nice dinner. That is if they had it on the menu.

The first time that I did have a risotto, somewhere in my twenties, it was like being hit by lightning. Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but I loved it Instantly. Every moment after that first time, when I heard the word risotto, my heart just starts beating a little bit faster. Soon after that moment, I start learning to make the dish myself. And I begin searching for ways to make it tastier and tastier.

That’s when the love grew even more. The preparation, the smell of roasted rice, the process of slowly absorbing the stock, seeing the dish taking shape, changing and mixing of aromas, getting its unique color.. all the love I put into it, I wanted to taste it in what I made. And sometimes I did. Which made me longing to the next time I could make the dish again.

And the next one. And the next one.

So why not start a blog and share your stories with likeminded people?

Hence…  Simplyrisottto

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