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Hey there!

I’m Herry. Someone who’s totally in love with risotto.

As always when you love something, you would like to know everything about it. Here, you can follow me on my journey trying recipes, places to eat and everything else you always wanted to know about risotto…

Have fun.


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Frozen Spinach Risotto

Frozen Spinach Risotto

If you’re one of those people who wouldn’t even think of trying to make a “difficult” dish like risotto, you should definitely try this one out.
With plain simple ingredients like yellow onion, frozen spinach, and some sauteed mushrooms, you can still make a delicious gourmet meal any time of the year.

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Beetroot Risotto with Watercress

Beetroot Risotto with watercress

Aaaah, beetroot. It’s one of those vegetables I love to work with it just because of its color. That beautiful deep red with hinges of purple. It will make any dish look just flavourful. Add in some crunchy walnuts, sharp peppery watercress, and some fresh goat cheese, and you’ll try to make this dish over and over again.

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Butternut squash and Chanterelles Risotto

In just thirty minutes, you will have this veggie, autumnly risotto, on your dinner table. With a delicious vegetable stock that smells through the kitchen and seven ingredients, including nutritious butternut squash and soft melt-in-your-mouth, peppery chanterelles, you will add this risotto to your risotto-repertoire before you know it. I know I did.

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