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Hey there!

I’m Herry. Someone who’s totally in love with risotto.

As always when you love something, you would like to know everything about it. Here, you can follow me on my journey trying recipes, places to eat and everything else you always wanted to know about risotto…

Have fun.


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Butternut squash and Chanterelles Risotto

In just thirty minutes, you will have this veggie, autumnly risotto, on your dinner table. With a delicious vegetable stock that smells through the kitchen and seven ingredients, including nutritious butternut squash and soft melt-in-your-mouth, peppery chanterelles, you will add this risotto to your risotto-repertoire before you know it. I know I did.

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Mushroom with Red wine Risotto

Why not make a risotto with a nice, earthy red wine instead of white? Imagine the intense flavor of dried porcini, creamy risotto filled with chewy, thinly sliced pieces of mushroom topped off with glazed chestnut mushrooms. Oh, and sprinkled with fresh rosemary. With dishes like these, you’ll wish autumn would stay forever.

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Market Mushroom Risotto

Usually, when I need mushrooms, I go to the grocery store. I know it doesn’t sound authentic, but the common mushrooms have good quality, and for an easy midweek risotto, they’ll do perfectly well.

As a young boy…

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Elegant Shrimp Risotto

It says above this blog that it’s about shrimp risotto, but it’s not actually. Not really. I mean, it is a shrimp risotto. Because it is a risotto, with shrimps. So I don’t know what another name I should give it. But it is a more simple, natural form of shrimp risotto.

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